What is Reflexology?

Healing via the feet can be seen in many ancient cultures. The Egyptian, Chineese, Japaneese and Indians have proof of the use right back to 2,400BC. In 1890's English physiologist, Sir Henry Head, researched and made the modern day connection between the tender areas on the Hands, Ears and Feet and the dis-ease within the organs. Body Zone Therpy is occational seen as another word for Reflexology. Auricular Therapy is the correct name for Reflexology of the ears.

Reflexology can be done on the Hands, Face or Feet, Feet being the most common these days. There are two thought patterns with how reflexology works, some reflexology practioners believe that the interaction with the body's nervous system cause a response else where in the body. Other practitioners work on the theory that certain points activate different Meridians - the energy carrying channels in the body, helping to remove the blockages to energy so that it flows freely through the body. Reflexology can assist with a number of issues within the body, as an non-invasive treatment it is perfect for Infants, children, pregnant women and the elderly. Useing a chart that shows a mirror of the body onto the feel, Kneading the soft fleshy ball of the foot, Pulling on the toes, Tracing around the heel and pushing deep into the arch, Stimulation and Manipultating the Tigger points on the feet the practitioner can assist to ease the issues within the body especially if the body is in pain and sensitive to touch. a Practioner looks at the feet as a whole, makes on the foot, discolouration, growths, and a lot more it is not just a matter of rubbing the foot and Reflexology has specific 'massage' moves and techneques. NOTE Reflexology is not a diagnosis tool and just because a certain point is extremely tender does not mean that the responding organ is dis-eased.

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