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Updated: Oct 22, 2019

My experence and opinion

Our Bodies are made up of different parts, The physical body is the one most people are aware of Energy and Matter.

Information is carrier to the Energy Fields to the Matter or Physical body.

It is this information that directs the body’s enegy and controls your body’s Self Healing abilities. When your Energy fields are blocked or unbalanced the biochemistry and health of the pysical body breaks down.

Conventional Medicine has never really been able to merge the the Energy Fields and the Pysical body, they don’t even recognise the Energy Fields except in the diagnosing of Heart Problems (EKG) and Brain Disorders (ECG).

Majority of the Medical professionals I have dealt with believe, that to fix the bodies biology you must change the bodies chemistry and this is done by Chemical Medications.

The great scientist Albert Einstein said... “The Energy field is the sole governing agency of the particle (the Matter)”

What this means is that the energy that informs each cell in the body as to what needs to be done, this is a HUGE task, I am sure you would agree. The human body has trillions of cells which are continuely being renewed, they perform over a 100,000 biochemical reactions per second. each action must happen at preciously the right time and in the right order for the body to function correctly.

Life throws challenges at us all the time - Stress, Diet, Environment poisons and Emotional Upsets, these all damage the original blueprint. When there is blockages and damage to the energy fields, the information to the cells became scrambled. As a result the Physical body is unable to maintain optimal health and it also can no longer repair itself naturally, so the cells then send out distress calls that often present as Pain and Fatigue!

I know this not just by the study and reading I have done over the years, but also by personal Experience. Due to the Stresses of life my physical body shut down and I was bed ridden and told I would possibly be in a wheel chair for the rest of my life or at best be using Walking Support Aids, I was 45 years old and that was not what I wanted for my life. There was not alot I could do with my Physical Body, however my Mind and my Energy Fields were a different matter. It is not hard to change the Mind or the Energy Fields you just need to be constant and alert for anything/one who may try to derail your process.

My Wellness coaching Programes are worked around the Mind, Body and Spirit and they all have the Basis of my 5 Petal Theory of Wellness, the Physical ~ Emotional ~ Spiritual ~ Mental ~ Social all need to be in Balance to achieve complete wellness.

Let me help you....

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