We are a Women's only clinic

Welcome to 5 Petal Wellness

Assisting Women to Navigate the River of Life

5 Petal Wellness works on a stratagy that involves bringing a balance of the Physical, Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Social parts of the body, which brings about a Harmony and Wholeness. 

~ Michelle Hyatt

All About Me

Just like any women in these times I have had my share of Lifes challenges and I guess that is what has given me my passion of assisting other women.

I have dealt with fertility issues and the longing for a child, having a premature child who had  challenges of his own to deal with, Potentially Fatal Food and Environmental allergies, Post natal depression, PTSD, weight gain and loss, major surgeries, relationship issues, mental, emotional and physical break down resulting in hospitalisation and a diagonsis of anxiety disorder and Bi-polar, living with Chronic pain, Rhemutoid arthritis and Fibromyalgia, been Bed ridden for 6 months and spent time in a wheel chair.

Within my close family we have dealth with cancers of many types, diabetes and dialysis, dementia. There are very few life challenges that my clients have had to deal with that I have not come across my doorway at some time in my life time.




At 5 Petal Wellness, my clients well-being has always been my first priority. Since opening in 2000 and having two name changes along the way as the business evolved and grew, like any living thing the business and I have changed to meet my clients needs. I work closely with my clients in order to provide them with exactly what they want their Health and Wellbeing to look like.

I take pride in taking the time to understand what each client needs in order to reach wellness. That’s why so many of my clients become regulars and friends, I continue to grow and expand year after year.

5 Petal Wellness is ready to help you, so don’t delay your health another day, get in touch today!

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         Wellness is an Investment not an expense.

Remember a Diamond comes form coal

Join Bloomin' Petals
Where you get to grow and Bloom into the women you were made to be.
This exclusive community for my VIP clients. The goal of this group is for me to support, educate and treat each of you as the Princesses that you are, Yet have forgotten because your playing Mother, Daughter, Wife, Employer, Employee or one of the many other roles that take over the lives of women these days. I want to make sure it’s a safe space and Supportive place. The Benefits of being apart of this group; ~ Exclusive Offers ~ Invitation to Bloomin' Petals Only events ~ Education about different Therapy and Treatments ~ Birthday Club - Recieve Birthday Gifts ~ Fortnightly Give Aways ~ Loyality Program ~ Priority Booking option

Services I Offer

All my services are based around the Theory of the 5 Petals of Wellness 
Physical ~ Emotional ~ Spiritual ~ Mental ~ Social

5 Petal Wellness aims to help all of my clients to live the healthiest lives they can. In order to reach this goal, I offer a variety of services. I provide a personalised health and Wellness plan, and the positive reinforcement you need to make the lifestyle changes you need. 


Wellness Coach


Remedial Therapist


Life Coach

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Please Note; We are a womens only clinic

We are a Home Clinic 

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